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Ralph W. Brown

Hi Ted,
You wrote: “Are these cars longer than 40 foot?”
I thought so too.  Assuming an 8’ wheelbase for the trucks, it looks like a 50’ car, or perhaps longer, but isn’t 1926 a bit early for even a 50’ car?
I have one of the Northeastern vinegar tank car kits that looks like it will build into a 40’ car (The instructions are completely without dimensions.), but the tank proportion are such that they appear to be much shorter tanks and they appear to sit much closer to the car’s ends.  The capacity stenciling on these cars indicates they are 40 ton cars, while the capacity of the Northeastern kit’s car is 50 tons!  I would have expected the capacities to be the other way around.  Curious.
It is interesting also that the banners on the cars’ sides read “Built by Hauser-Stander Tank Co.” while stencils on the cars’ sides read “Built by Cincinnati Car Co.”  Does that mean that the tanks were built by Hauser-Stander and the remainder of the car was built by CCC, or was Hauser-Stander a subsidiary of CCC?
The reporting marks are “MYSX,” apparently for Myles Salt. 
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This 1926 builder's photo is from the Indiana Historical Society website:
I imagine these cars carried various salt compounds. To my eye they look a bit like steel versions of vinegar tank cars with wooden tanks.
What else is known about such cars?
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