Re: Cataracts and color perception

Dave Sarther

I would concur 100% with Chuck's assessment of pre/between/post cataract surgery.  Had my eyes done last Sept and Oct.  Had mine corrected for distance.  Pre surgery I could read traffic signs at a distance based on my general knowledge of what it should be.  Between eyes being corrected  I could look at a speed sign from considerable distance and read it looking out of my post op eye clearly.  The other eye was a bit fuzzy at the same distance.  Our clear Tucson skies took on a new color of blue as the yellow cast described by Chuck had been removed with a new lens.  I do find that I must add moisture drops throughout the day to keep my new vision sharp.  Helps considerably when selecting paint colors used for our freight cars.
I often walk with a retired ophthamologist friend who said that when he has his eyes corrected he will correct for near vision.  I thought about the pros and cons of both, near and far for myself.  Tough decision that each individual has to make for himself/herself.  I don't mind wearing an Optivisor when modeling.
Later, Dave S.  Tucson, AZ

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I also had my eyes done some time apart.  In between, one eye had the sky a bit overcast when the other
showed as clear blue.  After both I would not say any colors were garish, just a lot more saturated
like a really good color photograph.  Flowers had 'zing' again. 
Chuck Peck still in Florida 

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For me all colors were more intense.  I had eyes done a month apart so I had a good comparison.  I'd say most difference was in greens and blues. Lots of colors had shifted to brownish pre surgery.   No colors were garish post surgery.

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