Re: Cataracts and color perception


Tom, I had cataract surgeries on both eyes less than two years ago, and was amazed how just unaware I had been of the degree of clouding that slowly and imperceptibly snuck up on me over the years. After the surgery, I could SEE clearly again, with clearer, brighter colors, and whiter whites. I know, I sound like a detergent commercial, but it's true. Who knew newspapers were black and white rather than buff...😉

One other benefit of the surgery (and this is VERY personal, and may not work for everyone; please discuss with your doctor) is the ability to get corrective lenses set individually for each eye. It took me a while to explain my needs clearly as people tend to think in terms of correcting for closeup or for distance; I wanted the close to mid-range to be sharp, and if I needed glasses to drive, well so be it (here in California one needs sunglasses anyway). The result is that I no longer have to constantly put on and take off glasses when I'm in the trainroom; as matter of fact, I don't wear glasses at all except for night driving and reading fine print. (And of course, I use Optivisors for all fine work).

Good luck with the surgery and feel free to contact me off list if you like.
Regards, Otto Kroutil

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