Re: Color & color perception

Tim O'Connor


While I have seen and held many prototype paint chips in my hands, I
have never owned one. They are a valuable commodity, and owners do not
share them freely - Ed Hawkins obviously being a major exception. I don't
know what became of George Bishop's (Accupaint) extensive collection of
prototype drift cards and paint samples - very likely stolen as was much
of his personal property, sad to say. Some historical societies and books
have published printed paint sheets or pages - the PFE books, a book on
Pullman passenger cars, the NPRHA, etc.

Tim O'Connor


I really wish you had more samples to share.

I found it interesting that you have B&O samples from two different manufacturers, and they are different. Still, after a couple of years of road grime, weather and sunlight, I doubt if the colors would have looked anything like the samples. Although we agonize over the correct shades, but often forget that in addition to lighting changing colors, so does weathering.

Get it close and weather the stuffing out of it.

Garth Groff

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