Re: Keep those paint blisters!

Bruce Smith


The blisters are pretty clearly real paint blisters. Having no small amount of experience with both paint and photography, I don't think that these are  a photographic artifact.

As for the "rivets" on the M-53 door, I do not believe that they are rivets as I believe that they are recesses as deduced from the shadow pattern. They may be tack welds to the interior structure of the door showing because the door has been pushed out (note that the bumps to the right of the door in the car sheathing are also not rivets, but impacts from something internal, making me think that this car has had some lading motion issues in the past). An alternative explanation is that this car may have been one with a door that did have rivets horizontally across the door (some did as seen in RPCyc #9) and that the rivets have been removed, but I favor my 1st explanation.



Bruce Smith

Auburn AL

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I am not an expert, but since this is a photo of a moving train and I believe some of what appear as "blisters" are artifacts of motion or from scanning the negative.

The next view has a B&O M-53 box car and the door has strange features I believe to be rivets.

Bob Witt

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