Re: Search Files or Photos [was More Album Photos]

mike turner

Please keep in mind the looming shadows of the Sheriff and his Deputies, this group's benevolent dictatorial administration, and the cold damp musty smell wafting up from the Cells.

There is a api and associated group. Reviewing the beta api and the api group for the last year and a half, it appears development is concentrated on managing the groups resources, definitely a non-trivial task list, with little or no mention of file or photo search. Member and topic search seems to dominate the search activity.

When the flurry of support issues dissipates as the flood of Yahoo refugees lessens, a proposal to the developers with specifics about search capabilities appears a good idea. There is a card in Trello added by Mark some time ago about photo and file search.

Seeing as how this is out of list scope, future conversations might need to be taken off-list, maybe to another group concerned solely with the topic of file/photo search.

Pondering what kind of bread they serve with the water, anticipating the rattle of their Keys.

Mike Turner


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