Re: File extensions for saved photos

Ralph W. Brown

Hi Dave (or do you prefer “Davo”?)
The short answer is: sometimes.  I occasionally find sites for which “Save as” is available and actually works, but that’s unusual in my experience.  More often there is a download icon that will permit you to download the image, sometimes even with a choice of sizes.  It’s a multi-step process, but I’ve recently acquired some great freight car images that way.  There are, however, some sights from which I’ve been unable to save anything useful.
Incidentally, when I download an image, I give it a meaningful name and include its source for future reference should I ever want to use it for a clinic or an article or whatever.
Ralph Brown
Portland, Maine
PRRT&HS No. 3966
NMRA No. L2532

From: David Wiggs
Sent: Friday, May 4, 2018 2:48 PM
Subject: [RealSTMFC] File extensions for saved photos
Sometimes in site posts, links are provided to library sites that contain photos that I would like to save to my computer.  It now seems that when I try to do a "save as" the photo is saved as an HTML link to the website.  Is there a way to save them as JPG or TIF files?

davo in Orlando

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