Re: File extensions for saved photos

Dave Nelson

Varies from site to site.  You may have noticed recently that Google has removed “Saved As” from its images page.  Too many photographers complained about copyright infringement and too many web sites complained people were no longer visiting their sites to see their images but simply looking at what Google was showing everyone.


As for libraries, things really vary quite a lot.  Sometimes you see “save as” and it offers to save it as a .jpg.  Other times you have to right mouse to  “view page info” and search thru the list for the image you want and use its “Save as” button.


Dave Nelson


From: [] On Behalf Of David Wiggs
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2018 11:48 AM
Subject: [RealSTMFC] File extensions for saved photos


Sometimes in site posts, links are provided to library sites that contain photos that I would like to save to my computer.  It now seems that when I try to do a "save as" the photo is saved as an HTML link to the website  Is there a way to save them as JPG or TIF files?

davo in Orlando

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