Re: Paint color for inside model stock cars

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

I suspect that everyone who has responded to this question is correct in their own way. I believe that most, if not all, stock cars found their interiors painted in the same color as their outsides when new.
Then they were probably whitewashed on roughly the bottom 4 ft. of their insides when put into service.
If the cars were emptied for rest in route and the interior was not too bad or there wasn't sufficient time lime might have been used just to freshen it up. The normal steam cleaning would remove everything, including the original paint before too many months of use, after which the use of whitewash and additional steam cleanings further cleaned any remaining paint from their interiors. Even the interior shown shows the residue from the whitewash, not paint, on the slats from about mid height down. The lower you look the more that remains. Dairy barns, at least in Vermont when I was a youngster, had to be whitewashed once per year IIRC. I wonder how often it was done in the interior of stock cars?

Cordially, Don Valentine


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