Re: Shipping Beef Half Sides: Frozen Or Just Very Cold?

james murrie

Not sure about Steam Era meat refers, but in the "future" I moved a semi filled with "swinging pork" from Sioux Center Iowa to a packing plant in the Hunt's Point Terminal area of the South Bronx (in those days an area that could be used as a movie location for a war zone).  The refer was cold but certainly not below freezing for the couple days in transit.  The same "large men" that Denny saw were still working to unload carcasses off the hooks and into the plant.

Return trip was with a load of Dutch cocoa from the docks at Weehawken, NJ to Carnation at Oelwein Iowa.  The drop off was in a building of the old CGW roundhouse area (mandatory railroad content).

Jim Murrie

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