Re: Paint color for inside model stock cars

Denny Anspach <danspachmd@...>

As a person who actually dealt with stock cars (iin late fifties in Fonda, iowa assisting an impatient awaitingMilwaukee Road road crew hurry the loading of hogs into a MILW stock car); and personally receiving an ancient WP stock car into the CSRM collection in the mid seventies, I simply recall no paint, white wash, disinfectant, etc.)- just bare boards. I cannot imagine what importance would accrue to painting the interior, aside from carelessness, mistakes, or vanity. Think constant and immediate wear, toxics, etc.

My family (both sides) also shipped a LOT of cattle. The shippers were responsible for supplying all the straw for the bedding in the car, and the hay for feed (not the same thing!. I forget who was responsible for car cleaning after unloading at the stockyards in Chicago, etc. If disinfectants were applied there, I can recall no color indication that would have given a clue.


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