Re: Paint color for inside model stock cars

Jim Betz


  There are many times when the work we do is not noticed/rarely noticed and even
more times when it might be noticed ... but we receive very little feedback.  But that
doesn't mean we shouldn't do it!
  Example - you are doing a model of a stock car and you decide to put some animals
inside ... so you do the research and find out how many of that type of animal were
typically loaded in a stock car (in your era!) and find a suitable model of the animal
and get enough of them that you can put them inside (perhaps having to adjust the
number because you find out that you can't get that many in - or need more).  Then
you go the extra distance and hand paint each and every one of them with
suitable/acceptable accuracy ... and install them, finish the model, and put it on a layout.
  And, even though you point out you have a newly completed model on the layout and
even point out which one it is ... NO one comments on your animals!

  ===> Was it "wasted effort"?  

  My answer is "only if you are doing what you do in order to get the praise
of others" (or just their comments).  At some point we all have to ask ourselves
"was it worth it" - heck, the whole hobby is like that.  ;-)
                                                                                                        - Jim

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