Re: class of this ATSF box car?

Tim O'Connor

Hmmm... if Charlie Slater is correct about the ends, then your photos appear
to show an Fe-15, which had the same ends as your photos.

The corrected Fe-19 image urls are

On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 3:06 PM, Eric Lombard <elombard@...> wrote:
Tim, this car agrees in detail with the four photos of Fe-19 cars in my collection. The ends vary since recycled material was used.. There is one restored at the Arizona Ry Museum.  There are three photos:

Fe-19, ATSF 5200-5599, 400 cars, RBLT 1939-1940 out of  Fe-L, -N, -O, Bx-18, -19, -20.Â

Eric Lombard
Homewood, IL

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