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Douglas Harding

Don finally home. To follow up the stockcar with the funny looking racks inside is a Pennsylvania K7a stockcar #134299. My memory was faulty, as soon as I looked at the photos again, I realized it was not used for poultry. Instead the racks are for plant flats, specifically tomato plants according to

Unfortunately the photo link at the above site is not working. Attached is the photo showing the car with the racks. Hopefully a Pennsy fan can help out.

Forgot to mention the reason I posted the photo showing the interior of this car was because you could see the wood grain of the slats in the sides, indicating the car interior had not been painted, or it had been whitewashed which has faded away.


Doug  Harding


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OK, Doug, I'll bite. What is depicted in the first photo with a CNR or CPR style stock car having rack floors in it? No hoofed animal could have been carried in such a car so I presume it was a method to 

ship fowl when poultry cars were not available.


Cordially, Don Valentine




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