Archer Surface Details Decals

Bill Welch

After Media Blasting twelve models Monday the crew at the Clearwater Car Shops was anxious to get to start on followup work and after washing up key areas of two models, brushed on Future/Pledge on two different Tichy USRA 50-ton rebuilds in preparation for applying Surface Detail Decals:

—Most of the Aluminum & Black scheme Georgia rebuilds had a welded roof with twelve panels. To model the butt weld joints I used Archer's "Aircraft Panel Line" #AR88013 set. I selected the narrowest lines as in the prototype roof photo I have of one of these cars the weld lines are barely visible. Before I applied the decals I used a square to mark the lines with a .005 pen to help me line up the decals. The Future/Pledge smeared some of the lines but not enough to interfere with lining up the Panel Line decals. Attached are three photos on my model with the "weld beads" in place. One caveat: Don't be tempted to trim the decal film too close to the lines as the film helps keep the lines straight and makes placing them much more manageable. The film is very thin and once the decals are in place and set with Microscale Red label is is not at all objectionable in my opinion.

—The P&LE model needed more rivets in addition to the harvested rivets I had already placed. The sides of each end are totally devoid of rivets and adding them made a big difference in making the model look finished. Previously I had used .005 styrene strips to recreate the flanges on the ends of the roof to create the illusion the metal of the roof ends over and covers the top of the end. This ares also received the Archers rivets from their #AR88087. Attached are four photos

I will give all of these decals one more application of Red label and then will seal then with Future/Pledge.

Bill Welch

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