Re: class of this ATSF box car?

Eric Lombard

Charlie, et al, that other classes received the "tabs" is great to know. Scratch one possible spotting feature! And I note in the Fe-15 photo you included that the side sill reinforcement is of the long variety extending a side panel's width beyond the right door opening. Scratch a second spotting feature. And I have received a couple of Fe-19 photos without the "tabs" as well. Scratch a third potential spotting feature. It would seem, as you say, that the tabs were added to members of all classes with advancing age. By 1975 the last few Fe-19s in service had underfames between 60 and 64 years old. Come to think of it when I reached into that age bracket I was thinking  "tabs", might be a help, too.

The leaves the formation of the corner between the end and side plates. Fe-15 and Fe-19 have the continuous angle riveted to both the side and end. My suggestion would be that is because of their greater inside width at 9-5 making the reused end-stampings too short to wrap around to the side as in the Fe-5 inside 9-2. Sure would like to see a photo of an Fe-12. At inside width 10-3 it is hard to predict the structure of the corner joint.


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