Re: Athearn blue box gon

Tim O'Connor

Awesome, thanks! I didn't know Trainlife had come back to life! For a long time
it seemed to be unavailable...

Tim O'

Only the November-December 1982 Prototype Modeler is available on Trainlife at this time.
The article begins on page 12.
Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

Ben Hom wrote:
This kitbash was inspired by one written up by Richard Hendrickson in Prototype Modeler - I'm having issues with the Model Train Magazine Index on my work computer, but IIRC Richard wrote up other conversions using this model in Prototype Modeler.
     Two very nice articles, creating a whole bunch of interesting gondolas. They were in the September-October and the November-December issues of PM in 1982. I built a couple of them myself.
Tony Thompson

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