Re: Name that gondola end?


Beautiful model, Bob, thanks.  I must have missed the discussion on these ends, but glad to see the photo of the model. 

The freight yard is in Newark, NJ, on the Lackawanna early in 1926, accessed through the lower level of a double-deck drawbridge. The picture was taken due to an incident on the upper level of the bridge, so there aren't any other photos off the yard taken this day.  The upper level is still in daily service today on NJTransit.


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Mike --

Here's a model of the Monon gon. Chad Boas supplied the cast resin Spiral-Dreadnaught ends.

Bob Chapman

Mike writes:
Came across a photo of a freight yard, and one one of the tracks is the end of a gondola I hadn't seen before. I'm sharing it here so that others may see it, and so that some may be able to identify it, with one continuous indentation filling the end, like lines on a vinyl record.

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