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Like the other rules we've discussed here, regulation of side-door cabooses was probably a state-by-state issue, at least at first. It might also have depended on whether the car had end platforms as well as a side door. Side-door cabooses intended for carrying express or small freight were never banned, at least in some states. What may have been one of the last in service was North Carolina's Aberdeen & Rockfish 303, which I photographed in January 1982. This car, or a nearly identical sister, still exists, now stuffed and plinthed. I spotted it on display a couple of years ago from Amtrak's Silver Star, though I don't know what town it was in.

Another "y'all" railroad that used cabooses of this type was Virginia's now-gone Nelson & Albemarle. They used several side-door cabooses over the years (half of one still existed as a shed in Schuyler, Virginia a few years ago). Their last caboose was a large ex-RF&P car, to which the N&A added a side door. That's right just one. All three stations they served were on the same side of the track, and equipment was never turned, so why go to the bother of adding a door on both sides?

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On 5/22/18 2:24 AM, np328 wrote:
Richard wrote: As long as we're doing cabooses, was the use of side doors on cabooses also controlled by state law? Was there a nationwide ban on side door cabooses at some point?

Not that I am aware of Richard, the NP used side door cabooses on several branch lines beyond this lists time frame.  The NP Carlton - Cloquet side door caboose was retired in the future year beyond this list of 1965.      Jim Dick 


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