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Depending on what you need, consider looking for a parts donor kit at a train show. At the Shenandoah Valley show earlier this month I saw a couple dozen unassembled Branchline kits, mostly 50' cars. Even if you need parts for a 40' car, the 50' ladders and brake parts should work, and you will get some extra goodies for your parts stash.

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On 5/22/18 12:43 PM, Dave Boss wrote:
You could check with Atlas but I did a few months ago, and they told me they sold off all of it to someone. They didn't say who it was.

On Tue, May 22, 2018 at 12:30 PM, Brian Carlson via Groups.Io <prrk41361@...> wrote:
Does anyone know if Atlas sells parts for the branchline postwar Box cars. I had a mishap and need to replace some parts.

Brian J. Carlson

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