Re: Side-door Cabooses [was Why Transfer cabooses?]

Nelson Moyer

The 1911 law must have been amended or annulled at some point, because the converted boxcars had neither end platform or cupola, and they operated in Iowa based upon photographic evidence. This thread would be of interest to the CBQ group, where many former Q employees are members. It would be interesting to hear their first hand experiences.


Nelson Moyer


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On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 09:19 am, Nelson Moyer wrote:

I’m pretty sure that Iowa did not ban side door waycars in any form.

But they did require end platforms. This link should take you to the announcement of the 1911 law:
Caboose Cars

I was also interested to learn that Lorenzo S. Coffin, the railroad safety crusader from the late nineteenth century, was an Iowa state railroad commissioner.

Dennis Storzek



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