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Nelson Moyer

Al, the Q waycar trucks in Ed’s photos are the standard Q waycar trucks. I think I remember they were classed #7 by the Q. They had an oak plank at the top, and they had solid bearings. Crews liked them because they gave a smoother ride than the Barber caboose trucks. I don’t believe they were considered high speed, though they were used on hot shot freights between Chicago and Denver. The branchline mixed trains hardly operated at high speed. The highest speed limit on the Burlington-Washington branch was only 25 mph according to the 1943 employee timetable, and that’s the earliest one I have. I think it was higher in the 1930s when passenger traffic was more active, but even then it probably wasn’t over 35 mph.


Nelson Moyer


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This caboose had high speed trucks?  Would that allow for higher mixed-train speeds?


Al kresse

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The CB&Q had a limited number of side door cabooses ( waycars) but one of the    

side door cars was assigned to Fort Madison for many decades for branch line service.


Ed Rethwisch,


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