Re: RPM Freight Car Presentation Hardware Question

Tony Thompson

Bill Welch wrote:

The Apple Laptop I have used for years for my annual RPM Freight Car presentations has finally given up and I want to replace it. I no longer think I need a full-blown computer and may replace it with an iPad if this type of device will work for doing presentations. I use Apple’s “Keynote” to build my presentations and then convert it to a high resolution PDF for the actual presentation. There are some hardware/connectivity issues I need to answer since the iPad only has one connection port and even with adaptors not sure if my plan is realistic.

—iPad needs to communicate with the projector. There are Blue Tooth Dongles to facilitate this but frankly I would prefer a hardwired connection. Researching for an adapter. My concern here is that venues like Cocoa Beach, Collinsville and Chicagoland probably have projectors requiring a cord.

      A couple of years ago I tried to use my iPad for giving talks, and as Bill mentions, the connection to projectors is quite variable. Sometimes I also could not get the iPad to start the talk properly. I have gone back to using my laptop.
      Remember, the iPad is NOT a effectively a computer. It has considerably less flexibility and access to machine functions, so it's much more difficult to correct any misbehavior or surprise events.

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