Re: RPM Freight Car Presentation Hardware Question

Tony Thompson

Bill Keene wrote:

I am somewhat surprised that you convert your presentations to PDF and not present using the Keynote software. I am curious about your reasons for this as it appears to me that you are loosing the ability to do slide builds and highlight portions of the slides with shapes and/or highlighting. You also loose the ability for seamless transitions. Ditto the overlaying of information. 

     I agree, Bill, and there is no necessity to make the PDF conversion. If one likes Keynote better than Powerpoint, one can always create the talk in Keynote and save a version as Powerpoint, which almost always <g> preserves everything you created. I used to do that, because I do like Keynote, and some projectors don't seem to like Keynote. But after a few disappointments with the failures to get the same exact slides, I have given up and just use Powerpoint, both to create and to show my freight car talks. Powerpoint is fairly clunky, but the process does work dependably. 

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