Re: RPM Freight Car Presentation Hardware Question

Tony Thompson

Bill Welch wrote:

We all have our methods and reasons Bill and Tony but unfortunately I suffer from a Chronic Condition known as the "What Ifs" . . .

—What If my computer will not boot up?
—What If I can not find a computer to use with a compatible version of "Keynote"
—What If. . . on and on

     I always bring a memory stick with my Powerpoint version on it. If my computer won't boot up, lots of computers will accept Powerpoint because it's pretty much a Microsoft OS standard. But you are right, Bill, do what you feel most comfortable doing.

Also when Keynote is converted to PowerPoint it does not read all of the formatting and at least in my case the presentation looks like S@#$%^&*T.

      Yes, Bill, though I tried to be more tactful about the results of the conversion(s).  <g>

Tony Thompson

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