Re: RPM Freight Car Presentation Hardware Question


   I can share your concerns. Several years ago my wife bought a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, and I loved it. So much lighter than the other laptop we had and when we travel, it is such a difference. Best of all, it still has Windows 7 instead of Windows 10. Having said that, because it is smaller and lighter it has a micro HDMI port.  I needed to get a mini-HDMI to 9-pin to interface with most projectors at meets. Now that HMDI equipped projectors are becoming the standard, I might get a micro HDMI to standard HDMI adaptor for those. And these adaptors are crucial links. 
   I have never had problems interfacing the laptop however and for some reason, except at the back rooms at the Chicagoland (former Sunshine) RPM's. So yes, your hesitancy is well founded.

    Of a platform for presenting on, I would suggest you take a look at Open Office.  It is a free download, requires only 256 MB of RAM, so it is light on the hard drive. It also works with both Mac and PC. Many years back, when Richard Hendrickson had a presentation on his Mac that was on a CD fail to open, I grabbed my former PC laptop with Open Office and the show went on.
         Yes it does not have all the bells and whistles as full PowerPoint, and at times, rarely for me, a text does not emulate properly, however again, I only recall that happening once. It could have been the text I chose. 

     I do have a full (Microsoft) Office set up on my home PC and Yoga laptop however also have Open Office on both as a back-up. As I stated prior, it requires very little space on the hard drive and does PowerPoint, Word, an a few other office like programs.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Jim Dick - St. Paul 

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