Re: RPM Freight Car Presentation Hardware Question

Douglas Harding

When using PowerPoint with intentions of showing your program on another computer, ie via a thumb drive, make sure you save the file as a “Package Presentation for CD” file, which is different than the standard save in PowerPoint. Go to file, then save & send, choose presentation package for CD, then choose package for CD, then choose save to folder. This last click will allow you to choose your thumb drive. Your file size will be larger, but it will include all fonts, videos and other special features you worked so hard to create. And it will all be on your thumb drive, not on that computer back at home or the office.


A standard PowerPoint file assumes the fonts chosen, videos, and other special features reside on the computer in the exact location as on the computer used during creation. If using a different computer during presentation you will not see your special features.


Also be aware that older version of PowerPoint do not recognize some common video formats, esp Microsoft formats. If you plan to include a video clip in your presentation, you may have to convert it. And be sure to try it on another computer to make sure it will work.


These are some tricks I have learned doing weekly presentations in two different churches each week.


Doug  Harding


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Create on your new iPad, and save to a thumb drive. Someone will have a real computer at the event…. 8^)



Brian Ehni



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We all have our methods and reasons Bill and Tony but unfortunately I suffer from a Chronic Condition known as the "What Ifs" . . .

—What If my computer will not boot up?
—What If I can not find a computer to use with a compatible version of "Keynote"
—What If. . . on and on

Also when Keynote is converted to PowerPoint it does not read all of the formatting and at least in my case the presentation looks like S@#$%^&*T.

As to the points Bill raises, I have never noticed losing any of those things when I convert from Keynote to the Hi-Res PDF. IF they are n the original, they are on the PDF.

So I plan to continue to do what works for me.

Bill Welch

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