Re: name of lever hand brake on NP Stock Cars

Rufus Cone

See pages 29-31 of RPCyc Volume 10 by Pat Wider for excellent illustrations.

With the exception of one 1936 order that had an Ajax hand brake (82500-84749, built in Laurel), the NP used the "Miner Ideal Safety Hand Brake" staff-type brakes on its stock cars built in the 1930's (as modeled by Jack Parker and Central Valley).  

Illustrations and rosters of the stock cars, brakes and other features can be found in two articles in The Mainstreeter, Volume 6 #2, 1987

  • The NP's Stock Cars
  • Hauling Stock on the NP

A searchable bibliography of The Mainstreeter can be found here

Diagrams can be found here

Tim O'Connor, writing to the old yahoo group,

I'm trying to find previous posts about the type of vertical lever hand brake
applied to many NP stock cars (and some box cars) - and I seem to recall someone
mentioned Precision Scale making a brass casting - but I can't find any of those
posts... Anyone know the name of the (prototype) hand brake I'm talking about?

Tim O'Connor

Rufus Cone
Bozeman, MT

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