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John Hagen <sprinthag@...>

Elmar’s will definitely help getting the decals to stick (another problem with these new laser printed decals) but I’m not certain if they will help with the “settling down.”

But if you have the decals and the model, try it and let us know.

I’ve also read rather recently someone used the Testor’s setting solution with better results than Solvaset. Testor’s also has a decal bonding spray that may help.

These laser printed decals that use a white base coat and their high resolution can be really nice if a way can be found top apply them so they stick and settle down around rivets and other details. Maybe it’s time to try some newer products for these newer printing methods.

Back “in the day” many modelers considered Solvaset to be too powerful to the point where it could damage decals. But now there are decals that cannot be touched by the older products  we need to see what the airplane and vehicle modelers are doing.

Also, someone again stated that their decals are better than Alps printed decals because of, well because they are Alps printed. And yet many modelers bemoan the fact that some of the Alps decals are no longer on  the market.

An Alps printed decal can be just as good, or better, than anything else, with in certain limitations, if done correctly. They can and often are more opaque than Microscale, they can be print in short runs, even down to a single set for much less than any other method, and work well with common setting solutions.

Yes, there were guys using Alps for decals that never learned just how versatile their printers were or how to get the best out of them. All I’m saying here is do not over look a decal set just because it was printed on an Alps.

John Hagen


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I saw it in a May 24 email from them announcing new decals. They suggested Elmer's clear glue for larger decals.

Richard Townsend

Lincoln City, OR


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IIRC Tichy was suggesting using Elmer's or equivalent white glue with their larger decals. I just looked on their website and cannot find this advisory.

Bill Welch

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