Re: Travels Of B&O N-34 Covered Hoppers

Tim O'Connor

I have a photo of a B&O coal hopper being loaded with coke (from petroleum) at
a Texas refinery. The B&O interchanged with the Rock Island and Cotton Belt and
for many years controlled the Chicago & Alton - reaching all the way to Kansas City.

I'd give a "moderate probability" for occasional B&O N-34 appearances in Arkansas and
Texas. But Colorado? California? Not so much. Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin? Highly likely,
but just occasionally. You wouldn't want to see one in every op session.

Tim O'Connor

I model the Rock Island in Texas. Years ago, I bought a brass B&O wagon top hopper,
just because they look so cool. I don't care if they never got to Texas.
Brian Ehni

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