Re: Travels Of B&O N-34 Covered Hoppers

Tim O'Connor

So, Bill, let me get this straight. If specialty cements and economic circumstances
in the massively changed economic and regulatory environment of the 1970's involved
long distance shipments, then it must a priori have happened just as often in the
steam era?

Tim O'Connor

While I was a Sales Rep for SCL in the early 70ís in Miami there was a severe Portland cement shortage. We handled 5 and 6 cars of cement from NE PA every week for Maule Industries in Miami. Most had LNE and CNJ markings. In the late 70ís when I was assigned to the SCL Norfolk, VA sales office I had a regular movement of Calcium Aluminate cement to the Alyeska pipeline project that moved in SAL, ACL, and SCL 2929 cu ft hoppers to Fairbanks, AK. It lasted a couple of years. Also in Miami we had regular visits of ATSF OT hoppers with decorative red stone for landscaping companies.

Bottom line is that my experience was that if it had no clearance problem any car could show up anywhere on occasion. Enjoy your N-34 in the golden state.

Bill McCoy

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