Re: Travels Of B&O N-34 Covered Hoppers


There were only 200 of the B&O N-34 class covered hoppers built in 1940, with Duryea cushion underframes. 
Numbers 630300-630399 were built at the company shops in Keyser WV, with numbers 630400-630499 built at the company shops in DuBois PA.
This was a small class of cars, many of which were assigned to the cement and glass making industries on the B&O system.
Several were also in service to Haliburton and similar outfits, hauling processed clay used in oil well drilling.
This sent some B&O N-34 cars out to Louisiana and Texas.
Being such a small class, they tended not to roam very far from the B&O.
Finding contemporary photos of them in service is not easy possibly because of photo restrictions during the war years.
As time went on and their Duryea cushion under-frames becoming barred from interchange service, they were retired and scrapped.
Classes N-36 (150 cars) from Greenville in 1941 and ACF (350 cars) in 1946 as well as class N-40 from Greenville (500 cars) in 1948,
more than over shadowed the clutch of unique N-34 class cars on the B&O.
All classes shown here are listed in B&O diagrams as 'cement' cars.
Ed Bommer


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