Re: Decal Paper/Ink [was:setting solution] options

Richard Brennan

At 01:14 PM 5/31/2018, John Hagen via Groups.Io wrote:
A very well thought out message indeed.
However, you missed screen printing of decals. <snip>
Thanks for your comments!
I prefaced my summary with the phrase "direct digital printing of decals".

Your insightful posts on several groups about ALPS printers is part of what has led me to acquire a low band-count ALPS MD-5000... awaiting the final build-out of a dedicated off-line Win-98 print handler. Time to start counting/finding ribbons!

I will then have access to Laser, GhostWhite, ALPS, and (via a near-by print service) UV-LED .

May not be limited to plain white; I am experimenting with finding the right mix of CMY to add to the White(un-K) to get a reasonable SP lettering grey.

It is actually somewhat amusing to see legal-sized sheets of TangoPapa decal paper taped down in the corner of the Mimaki print bed... and the 4 foot wide print head making short work of the job.
An associate is using the Mimaki's 2-inch media height capability to print directly on the sides of painted-undec box cars. No end number capability yet (too tall)... but this beats pad printing for short/custom runs by a country mile.

Richard Brennan - TT-west

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