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John Hagen <sprinthag@...>

Al, nothing I can find.

Yes Rail Graphics were very fine decals indeed.

It’s not the film, it’s the printing method. Finding good decal paper with the film already on it is easy. Both Microscale and Bare Metal Foil sell, good, ready to print decal paper and both have films that are thin and strong enough to work well. Tango Papa is another good supplier and he will sell you paper with your preference of film on it.

It’s the printing method and his old customers have told me he used screen printing that had a digital method of preparing  the screens. Such printing equipment, while available, is not widely used in the printing industry and is not inexpensive. Way above the point where anyone could afford it just for decal printing.

I am looking for someone who can do it as a side product but that is not easy. In today’s business climate the ideal seems to be having just enough capacity to do 95% of the work you have and hoping you don’t get trapped between a rock and hard place.

John Hagen


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In my business I used Rail graphics almost exclusively.  I loved the decal thickness, didn’t tear but nestled nicely.  Unfortunately, Ron Roberts retired in December.   Can anyone suggest a custom decal maker whose film is similar? – Al Westerfield


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