Re: ITS A GO: RC 1937 AAR box car undec kits special run

Larry Sexton


Please put me down for six cars- three square corner and three round corner. I will to hear from you.

Larry Sexton
---- Andy Carlson <> wrote:

The numbers I have received are not orders, simply to get an idea of what interest may be for the propopsed special runs. No one is obligated to purchase what they told me they were interested in, and I will have enough for these responders, as well as many, many more folks.There is a great deal of interest.Thanks,-Andy CarlsonOjai CA

Hi-Since Red Caboose has been purchased by Intermountain, the likelihood of these title kits becoming available again are are not very good. Intermountain informed me that their 1937 AAR kit eliminates the chance for their running the RC version. Many of us are pleased with the somewhat better ends and certainly the roof is better on the RC version, not to mention the better bolsters.. The square edged end version is unavailable from any other plastic source.
I am considering having a large special run of the former Red Caboose 1937 AAR kits. Would anyone reading this message be interested in getting any should I bite the bullet and get 500? I would get both square and W-corner end versions. Price is too soon to discuss now, though I am hoping that $16 each could still be supported.
Contact me off-list at <> if you find yourself interested in one or more.

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