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All of the pre WW1 MDT cars do have a bar to support the hatch cover being opened. Good hatch photos are tough to come by,. The photo in my book on p133 at the bottom shows one of the early lots of the pre WW1 cars with a supporting mechanism to keep the hatch open, but that piece appears to have been stored inside the hatch cover when closed. On p137 you can clearly see the more common angled bar with a few holes in it on later lots, with the top photo showing the cover supported open. These are both pre WW1 photos. These pieces were attached with an eyebolt and often lay flat making it hard to see in photos. I'm wondering if the FGE car photo had something under the hatch cover, although just leaving the cover flat on its back with the plug pulled would work.

Roger Hinman

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In keeping  some other comments, I don't find this arrangement at all unusual.  All of the pre-war (that's WWI) MDT reefers had very minimal hardware on the hatches -- a small hasp to "lock" it, and a lift handle.  The familiar latch bars only appeared on the post-war cars, and I have seen nothing to suggest that the prewar cars were retrofitted.

The early MDT cars did not say VENTILATED initially, but the photos suggest that they all did by the mid-twenties, regardless of hatch configuration.

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

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