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You best bet is to take a flight at a non popular flight time, and be willing to forego non-stop flights.

Tom Casey

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Andy, the secret of low fares is to purchase your tickets early. The closer to the departure time, the higher the ticket price will be. I learned this from my now-ex-wife (she used to be in the travel business). Wish I had better news...

Bill DanielsĀ 
San Francisco, CA

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My vast research chasing down inexpensive air flight tickets has led to my observation that everyone of the "Discount Fare" sites repeat the same airlines in times, and amounts. Don't see why there needs to be dozens of these "cheap ticket' sites.

My question, is there a cheaper way to online search for reduced fares than through the above mentioned services? I would really like to make my 1st Collinsville RPM meet, but $450 and up is daunting.

thanks (in advance),
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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