Re: Caliper in the tool box

Lester Breuer

Jim Betz had a question
Question - has any one figured out how to place a 'corner post' such as a
piece of scale 8" x 8" vertical stock that allows you to glue the bulkhead to it
rather than to the sides?  I've also tried to do this - and been fairly successful
with it - as long as I can get those 8" x 8"s glued to the sides very close to
perfectly vertical.

Jim if I understand correctly. My suggestion.   I would use a styrene channel glued to the sides ( being equal length prior to assembly)  rather than the 8”x8”.  The channel ( that would accommodate the thickness of the bulkhead material) would be positioned on each side with a square to be vertical  and the same distance from each end prior to assembly where bulkhead would be located.  Allowance on the channel  height would have to be made for roof and floor to be installed.  Once carbody was assembled the bulkhead could be cut to size and slid into the channels. The bulkhead  could be glued or not.  I have not done this as I have always glued the bulckhead to the sides and positioned it vertical via a machined metal square block.   Hopes this helps.
Lester Breuer 

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