Re: Northern Pacific DF 1100 series modeling

Tim O'Connor

Correct. No NP freight cars were painted NP "Loewy" Light Green. Some NP cars were
painted in another shade of light green (precursor to "BN Cascade Green") but none
of these cars were.

HOWEVER - Bill is ok, because BADGER has labeled Loewy "Dark Green" as "Light Green"
for inexplicable reasons. (And vendors wonder why consumers are confused, and don't buy
their products.)

Tim O'Connor

  My belief is that for the NP DF box cars and RBL's you want the Loewy-scheme
  dark green passenger car color. The 1000's and 1100's had a white stripe. The RBL's
  had a chrome yellow stripe.
  Rufus Cone

This model will be painted with badger's Modelflex #16-77 Northern Pacific Light Green.

Bill Welch

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