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Douglas Harding

Bill I agree, the hinges look too close together for a three hinge door. But it also seems the door looks too short. Either that or the drip edge above the door is to large/prominent. It just stands out. In photos I have (I don’t have one of 54000 series car) the top of the door looks level with the top grab. On your model the top of the door looks to between the top grab and the next grad down.


Doug  Harding


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Westerfield AC&F Type I reefers for FGE & WFE


Most of the Fishbelly type reefers in the FGE/WFE/BRE/NX System were operated by the Burlington Route and carried BREX, CX and FWDX reporting marks but FGE owned several groups (originally B&O, FEC, L&N and NYO&W) while WFE owned one descret group. The WFE cars and the ex-NYO&W cars both AC&F products and to build these kits I used the Westerfield kit #6002 kit that Al W. characterized as a AC&F Type I. Speedwitch decals are used on both models.

WFEX 54212 is hard for me to justify as these cars disappeared rapidly after WWII even though they were younger than many cars in their fleet but being somewhat undisciplined I have cheated a few times on my October 1955 date. These cars were extremely camera shy and I only have one photo showing one of them in a scene. I did not like the kit roof as I think the boards are too narrow plus they look too neat and do not reflect how board roofs would look after just a few years exposed to rain, snow and sun so I built my own roof using .015 x .060 Evergreen dimension styrene. In the process of gluing the individual boards down several of them get roughed up plus tiny bits of .005 styrene under some of the boards were used to provide bumps and twists under individual boards to weather the roof. The close-up photo shows how some of the boards are crooked. Also note there is a little damage to the facia boards. The car has a K-Brake

FGEX 10611 represents one of the 240 cars FGE purchased thirdhand from the NYO&W in 1931. This car required a scratch built Hutchins type roof so typical of many FGE/WFE/BRE cars when their original roofs began to leak. As I type this I realize I need to add the signature Hatch Rests used with these roofs. The new roof meant some surgery on the ends. This model has an AB-Brake system.

The kit's door latching hardware has Grandt Line parts spliced on to reflect what I see in the photo I have.

After I had painted the models and was preparing to install the many hand grabs I realized something is off—note the queerly placed upper and lower door hinges. Ugh! This placement does not match the photos of these cars I have nor do they look like any hinge placement I have recall ever seeing with six hinges. So now I am debating whether or not to carve the existing top and bottom hinges off and replace them with Grandt Line parts. Ugh again.

Bill Welch

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