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Bill Welch

On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 02:48 pm, Dave Parker wrote:
In the past year, it seems like there have been several queries about the MDT fleet (here or elsewhere) where the inquirer is advised to consult Hinman's book.  I would assume that, if they owned the book they would have done so, and if they don't -- well good luck.  It's out of print and I cannot locate a copy anywhere.  Even if it were available, many of us are going to find $65 (list) a bit dear unless we have a particularly keen interest in the MDT fleet.

An alternative source of information is Roger's article in the 1998 Q2  issue of the NYCSHS Headlight magazine.  It can be found on ebay or, at a more attractive price ($5) direct from the web site.  This is obviously a condensed version relative to the book, but contains much of the basic information, including a time-line for the paint schemes. 

There are also some earlier posts in the STMFC archives that are worth running down.

Also, Ted's SEFCRM vol 3 contains 26 pages of photos of MDT reefers, many from the 1930s and 1940s. I consider this book a good value even at $57, as it covers all of the major (and some less so) players in steam-era reefers, and the quality of the photos is quite good.

Last, to answer Rich's question re: 1951 directly:  for wood reefers, I believe you want orange sides, FCR ends and roof, black hardware on the sides (FCR on the ends), no NYC oval, and just "REFRIGERATOR" to the right of the doors.  All-steel cars were a different matter upon which I am reluctant to comment (never having given them a second look).

Hope this is helpful,

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA
I have good reason to believe Roger has books to sell based on one persons recent experience.

Bill Welch

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