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I'm not sure how the cars were originally lettered, but I have a photo of the WRM car when it was donated to the museum. See our photo section, page 9, my Album 7, the third photo.

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On 6/27/18 6:31 PM, Ken Adams wrote:
I am in the long drawn out process of converting a pair of Accurail 36 foot 14xx series steel end box cars into cars the D&RGW sold as surplus to the Navy to replace cars destroyed in the July 1944 Port Chicago (California) explosion which killed several hundred sailors and others. I have pretty much finished the first car based on the recent Rio Grande Modeling and Historical Society Prospector Volume 17 #2 article by Jim Spencer. 

Today I was able to go to the Western Railway Museum near Rio Vista California and get some additional detail pictures of one of the cars they have preserved. I was also able to view their older rooster document that shows the Navy reporting numbers for the 3 cars they received as 61-00200, 61-00201 and 61-00202.  In some  subsequent internet research I found a reference that the US Navy implemented a uniform system of numbering railroad equipment about 1948 of 1949 in which the 61 prefix was used for box cars. Other documents have indicated the 65-nnnnn series was used for diesel switchers. A lot of Google searching was unable to help with a complete numbering scheme or any further documentation on the numbering,

If anyone has any more information about the original pre-1948 Navy box car numbers or the renumbering in general, I would appreciate it. 

Thus far I have modified the Accurail cars according to the Prospector article with modified cross beam locations and the angle of the bolsters. I trimmed the lower side of the car body to eliminate a ledge that was not on the prototype, changed the lateral roof walks and added 24 inch grab irons to the sides. I also changed the end sill to simulate a steel channel. I sprayed the body with Tamiya Premium Fine White Primer which produces a flat slightly grayed white surface that appears to match the pictures I have seen of other Navy box cars. With what I know now I can go ahead and use the Clover House US Navy transfers to model preserved ex D&RGW 63383 as US Navy 61-00203. In the WRM documentation it appears the car had arch bar trucks when received by the museum. 

There is still much more detail work until I decide it is "good enough". 

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