Re: Used book sites

Tom Madden

Jared Harper wrote:
> I would just Google the title and sites will come up.

This is bizarre. I wasn't sure what Jared was replying to, so, since I was reading his post on the web, I clicked the <back> arrow to see the previous post in the thread. (The thread "Used book sites".) Got a jolt when the previous post turned out to be from Richard Hendrickson of Ashland, Oregon! Then I saw the date of Richard's post: 12/12/2000. Dang, I thought for a moment.....

I've noticed before thatĀ if you choose a topic title that matches word for word one that has been used,previously, no matter how long in the past that might have been, your post will show as a reply to that thread and not as a new one.

Tom Madden

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