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Hello to all,

many thanks to everyone giving input! Great to learn that these cars were NOT express reefers. I think to remember seeing one on a GN DVD placed in their Fast Mail - but obviously it was another car (type).

Denny, it would be great if you could post some more info of your model. I just like this car for its looks. It definitely adds a nice touch of color to the mostly bcr or brown freight train.

(Of course I know very well that brass doesn't automatically mean accurate, but I just like this material, and in most cases I am correcting flaws and auperdetail the models. I know that the plastic or resin models of Bill Welch and others still look far better.)

Thanks again and greetings


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I am away from my papers so can only provide general comments.

These 70T 50’ freight reefers with plated ends and rounded sills distinct to only the Milwaukee and EJ&E (yes) were commonly referred to on the CMStPP as “Cherry Cars”. They were purposed only for the freight transport of high value produce, e.g. “cherries”, primarily from the northwest.

They had no steam lines or other provision for passenger operation, so were not, nor should they not be referred to as Express Reefers.

By serendipity, I color photographed one on an SP freight passing through Menlo Park, CA in the early 60’s.

The original paint scheme is to some extent a mystery, -e.g what color exactly are the ends?- , although otherwise essentially generally replicating, but not copying the Milwaukee’s passenger scheme of the time (?1937?). As I recall, there was a very lively discussion on the Milwaukee List of the time debating the paint issues.

I have one of these cars that I finished probably 18 years ago. OMI supplied special decals. If I was home, I would rescue it from its resting-box and speak more authoritatively.

Now, why would EJ&E require these same cars, albeit only a few?


Denny S. Anspach MD
Okoboji, IA

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