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Original was mineral brown.

Black came in on some when repainted around 1943, but not universal.

Painting rules in 1948 show black for “Handrails and column,” ladders, smokestack, roof and running boards when they got around to repainting.

Rules for painting 1952 has black boards, platforms, ladders and railings, truck sides. Roof and running boards now Mineral brown. 

Earliest white grab photo I have dates from 1953. Seemed common by mid 50s.

Some received high railings, some kept lower railings around 1954-5.


The Walther’s wooden cars are older cars. By 1950, I expect most would have been used on branch line or MOW trains. A photo dated mid-50s in Priest shows a clean one with archbar trucks and probably mineral brown grabs. The 1412 dated 1950 had mineral brown painted in 1949, also riding on archbar trucks.  Another dated 1957 had white grabs.


J. Stephen Sandifer


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Prior to 1953 the handrails on ATSF Waycars were black. Beginning in 1953 They were painted White for Safety reasons.


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Hi guys


I have just picked up a Walthers wooden ATSF Caboose fro what year were the handrails/grabs painted white.


Thanks Paul Doggett England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿




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