Re: Bangor & Aroostook 1927 Boxcar 61000 series (Reefer Colors)


Attached is from the Bangor & Aroostook 1950 Annual Report. Notice that Tim got the date wrong also, purchases were begun in 1950 and done in batches  Stencil on car confirms this.

Roger Hinman

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The comment, "When BAR bought the used, wood sided MDT reefers, some of which were famously painted in red, white, and blue, in 1949-50..." caught my attention. I have been looking for a photo on one of these red-white-blue reefers for years.
Back in 2003 Tim Gilbert said, "The BAR did not buy their first reefer until 1951. The first series 338 strong in 1/1953, #6000-6999, were ex-MDT reefers and were painted yellow with black ends. The second series were the #7000-7856 which were built by Pacific Car & Foundry - 500 in 1951-52 and another 357 in 1953. These had yellow sides and ends. The #7000's were the ones rented to PFE during the summer - the off-season for Aroostook County spuds."
A lot of modelers falsely believe the PC&F steel-sheathed reefers used the red-white-blue paint scheme. Perhaps this is because some of the ex-MDT reefers were so painted, although others disagree about this.
Does anyone have a photo or photo source for the ex-MDT reefers painted red-white blue?
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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