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There were even a small quantity of the NRC std wood reefer sold to them also; I've never found a photo of one in the BAR paint scheme. From all the photos I've seen, the cars registered in the 6000 series have steel ends and were probably the first cars purchased. The 6100-6700 cars appear to all have wood ends.

Roger Hinman

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Note that the BAR wood reefers are NOT all the same. Some had steel ends,
and this one (below) had wood ends.

Tim O'

Agreed! There were HUNDREDS of these BAR wood reefers in service throughout
the 1950's. And all SP & UP (i.e. PFE) modelers can use them as well. :-)

1953 - 238 in service
1955 - 272 in service (note INCREASE from 1953 to 1955)
1959 - 136 in service

I've included a photo of the orange repaint. So we can document at least THREE
paint and lettering styles on these BAR wood reefers.

Tim O'Connor

That is the $64K question Tim. To me this is the most obvious gap in kit availability
reefer-wise or freight car wise for that matter in HO with a variety of decades, reporting
marks and paint schemes. Someone is missing the boat here.

Bill Welch


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