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Jim once source of information about poultry cars is:
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In the early years there were many different designs for these cars. But the
Live Poultry Transit car (1893) became the standard, until the Palace
Poultry car came into being in 1924. It would appear these cars came
equipped with crates, and birds were place in the crates by hand, thus
allowing the farmer to take his own crates back home for the next load.
Photo attached showing the interior of a poultry car (Brookport 1700).

As Steve indicted, most poultry cars were designed to contain crates stacked
from floor to ceiling on each side of a center aisle. The car attendance
used that center aisle to place of remove birds, collect eggs, feed and
water, and clean the crates. But not all cars followed this design. I have a
photo that shows a car that appears to be one giant cage, with no internal
structure for holding crates (photo attached). The Continental Poultry car
1890 had stanchions, not shelves, to hold crates in place (see railway
review article attached).

Doug Harding

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I love these pictures. Are there anymore of other cars out there? Any
plans? What was the layout on the inside of the car?

Jim Allen

Jim Allen

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