Re: SOUTHERN 41'6" flat car questions

Dave Parker

Bruce Smith wrote:

It has a NEW stencil? Where? This photo may actually be quite late. I can see the CAPY 100000 and a WT 63300(?) but no Load Limit and no NEW or reweigh which makes me think that it is confined to online service.

I don't see a NEW stencil either, but the lettering scheme is exactly what one would expect in the 1920-26 time frame.  With the 1927+ ARA standards, a LD LMT would have been added, and the various hardware stencils (brake beam, coupler, etc) removed. 

The trucks are also interesting, an early Vulcan-like affair (but maybe not "Vulcan", an ASF trade-name) that suggests a mid-teens build date.

I'd date the photo to 1925, + or -.

Dave Parker
Riverside, Ca

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