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Eric Hansmann

It seems like a NEW stencil. It’s above the right truck, left journal. Look just above the 633 stencils.


What do you think?



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It has a NEW stencil? Where? This photo may actually be quite late. I can see the CAPY 100000 and a WT 63300(?) but no Load Limit and no NEW or reweigh which makes me think that it is confined to online service.


As for ordering the 41’ 6” flat in HO, my lovely wife procured one for me about 2 years ago through the Southern Historical Association. Interestingly, my kit had several modifications that were not reflected in the kit directions.





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On Jul 9, 2018, at 9:10 AM, Eric Hansmann <eric@...> wrote:


Thank you Ike for the generous shares of photos and detail on these Southern flat cars and gondolas. 


Attached is an early image of Southern 116177 with a lumber load. I do not know the date but the car sports a NEW stencil. This came from another Pre-Depression Era modeler so I do not know the original source. The original file has been tweaked to improve the contrast and sharpen details. 


Will these flat car and gondola kits be available again? I do not recall an announcement for the original releases and I’ve been on this list for nearly 20 years. 


I hope to visit the Chattanooga facilities someday soon as I’m just a couple hours up the road.



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN




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The Southern 117500-117999 series cars were not “converted”, they were built and numbered as gondolas and listed as such in the RERs. Why, after owning many typical 40 ft solid and DDB (double drop bottom) and USRA types, the Southern needed such a low side “gon” is unclear. I do not know if they are still in service but many of the 1920s era flat cars lived on in welded rail trains and MoW service for Norfolk Southern


I have attached what I think is the finest “portrait” of an empty flat car I have ever seen. Southern 117733 is from the SRHA collection, taken by David Driscoll at Ruffin, NC 9-14-43.


The WrightTrack model of the Southern cars is as accurate a model as can be produced. It is a good example of a historical group making drawings available to model companies that result in high quality models. Both Gary Wright and Jim King have given us resin kits and Exact Rail the spectacular Big John and waffle box cars from SRHA drawings. Every accurate Southern diesel produced in the last fifteen or so years used SRHA stencil drawings. My point is that if manufacturers ask, and historical groups provide drawings, we could see more truly “prototype” models produced. (I won’t “preach” about it here, but too many drawings, historical files and photos are locked away in archives and libraries that do not have the knowledge or interest in doing anything with them but control and ownership. If anyone does not know the story of how the David Salter collection was “hijacked” by one such organization, send me an email and I’ll explain.)


The specs and drawings for virtually every Southern purchased freight and passenger car are in the SRHA’s collection in the new TVRM/SRHA archives building in Chattanooga (the archives section of includes a soon to be updated photo tour). The Central of Georgia drawing clerks were unfortunately quite diligent about removing “obsolete” drawings from the files in Savannah but the SRHA CG files are extensive.







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